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Pictures from Tallahassee hammer-in

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Guys, I went to the hammer in here for a few hours this morning, I couldn't stay, but here are a few pictures from the event.


Don Fogg explaining and demonstrating grain growth, then demonstrating forging a small integral








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Great photos Tony! I just want to thank Don and Jim for coming down and braving the heat.I had a most enjoyable learning experience.There should be more pics coming soon.Guy, Jesse and Garrett built and ran the smelter.It was a nice run with pics of it coming too.

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Wow, this hammer-in was hot (literally)! The smelt went better than planned though unfortunately the smelter itself didn't survive to be used at least a second time. The bloom was much better than 40 lbs. I'm still tired from helping to build and feed that greedy inferno most of Saturday. Jesse worked me and Garrett mercilessly! Jesse had the hard part of wrangling that monster bloom out of the smelter and into the press to consolidate it into a bar which is also a massive amount of work. Fortunately the bloom broke in two halves for us as it was removed from the smelter! Don's demo as always was a pleasure to watch and listen to. If you don't come away with enough tips and information to put yourself light years ahead of the game from just one of his demos then you are just to dense for words! Having Jim Batson on hand for comments and for sharing his wealth of knowledge was icing on the cake (not to mention he brought some of his W2 to sell and I won the length he donated to the iron-in-the-hat drawing!). A great time for everyone who attended and a big thanks to the demonstrators Don and Jesse and for Bill Adams who hosted the event at his shop. A big thanks also to everyone who helped out and to those who attended.


I will get more pictures up soon, our computer at home is down at the moment and I have over a hundred digital pictures to process (that's why it looks like I'm just standing around watching in that picture Tony took). In between charges of ore and charcoal I was running around trying to document the whole hammerin and catch as much of Don's demo as I could. Not long after that picture was taking Garrett and I looked like coal miners from chopping charcoal and I singed all the hair off my left arm while I was adding ore! Nice!

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