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Another Nessmuk-ish

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Just finished this one up for a customer and emailed him some photos for his approval. I hope he likes what he sees.


Forged 1065

416 Guard w/Nickel-Silver Butt Cap

My Sheath

OAL 10"

Blade Tip-to-Guard 5 1/4"


Thanks for taking the time to look.............Robert





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Well thank you guys for your input. The customer loved the looks of everything EXCEPT ...... He wanted a little more upsweep to the blade.


I said to myself as I was making this one..... "Self, you need more upsweep"..... but did I listen??????? Oh NO.......


Anyway, I have edited the photos to show a "before and after" attempt at correcting the problem. I will just have to wait and see what the customer thinks. If he is not happy, I will simply start over, as I want my customers to get what they want.



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