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what do people say when you tell them your a bladesmith?

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Hey Alan, when are we going to get to see your Bell dirk? We keep hearing how you're back but no pictures? :huh:<_<


Patience, my son! I'm catchin' up on the rest of the forum, then I'll post some of the 102 pictures I took during the week. :)

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Since I live in Eastern Mass, I just don't bring it up very much, except for art or flirting purposes. :D


you have picked up girls by telling them your a bladesmith?! thats new, i might have to try it some time...usualy when i tell people that they just think im a bigger redneck then before.... :lol:

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The reply i usually get is a disdainful "but why would you do that, though?", then, after i explain "but they kill people!"


i'd get demoralised, and stop but for 2 things

1: i've just started on Hamons (i made an almost-tanto-style using knife that's needle-sharp already)

and 2: i don't care what these idiots think.

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