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Now that I'm done with the art piece 9which I haven't posted here, come to think of it, I should) I can get on with a significant project for myself. What helmet could be more useful from day to day than a bike helmet? So, I've done the first few raising passes on the skull, 16 guage steel which will have a black oil finish, but I need you guys to help me decide which of the...uh...decals...needs to go on top. It would be hollow aluminum, so the weight would be minimal for either one.

here are the choices:

note: both look absolutely huge, and will almost certainly be scaled down, and the boar will be, if used, far more boar-ish. :P

Happy Hammerin'




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I'd go with the dragon, since they're known to be aerodynamic. Pigs don't really fly tht well, despite the evidence from Celtic and Norse mythology to the contrary. This reminds me of somethiing my cutlery instructor wanted to do. He lives in a part of the country known for its infestations of irredeemably rude bicyclists and joggers. His great fantasy was to get dressed up in his twelfth century armor and chase them down on his spanish warhorse. I stopped working with him about the time that he was starting to seriously train his Andalusian Barb to charge on command, which was a pity. I wanted to hear about some of the facial expressions that might have been witnessed to.

Cheers, Brice

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