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PICT0016.JPGPICT0022.JPG Both pieces are made from files, the large one is an order but the small one is available.

Large rifleman's knife is 16 1/4 inches overall with a 11 1/8 inch blade, stag and walnut handle with wrought iron fittings. Small utility or patch knife(4 1/8 blade, 8 1/2 overall) sports nickel silver bolsters, and stag handle. The sheath for this little gem is leather covered with brain tanned deer hide and walnut husk stained to give it the old time look and feel. Hope you like them-----------Peter



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Both are very nice..

I especally like the one on the left.

Very unique and offers a kind of 'old world' look.

Good work..


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Whoa! Awesome knives, love them! The shorter one has an antique look.

A+++ work.

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very nice couple of blades !

I like the two and little one more than the other !

very nice sheath with the deer hide !

congrats ! :)

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