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Quick Change Disc Grinder

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Here is some pictures of a disc grinder I made with stuff I had laying around, I will put a bigger motor on it later as this one was just sitting around so I put it to work. The quick change is a comercial router set up I got for 50 bucks and the wheel which I have 2 and will make more later was plate steel that I cut round with a plasma cutter then drilled and welded in a 1/2 inch stem then put on the lathe to balance it out. It works pretty good as I never drew any plans and just Arkansas Engineered the whole project.


The dimmer switch is a 5,000 watt light switch they use in Karaoke bars locally and it works pretty good, the cost was 40 bucks, Im looking forward to using it on a more powerful set up. It is reversable and I will add a dust cover for the motor when I upgrade it. One thing is I try and make everything round on the bottem so it is easy to move around for cleaning or whatever.The stand is a old truck wheel with a peice of I beam welded to it, I will fill it with concrete in the future and a sand bag can also help with any vibrations if needed. I also try and paint anything arm or eye level green for shop safty. Its pretty simple but any question is welcome.

As usual I want to think Don and Daniel too as this website is a great help to me.

I cannot say enough good things about Don, He is old school first class. Bryan Lee







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That is a cool grinder.. :notworthy:

Good work!


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