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Interesting Hybrid Polishing Anomaly

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Ok guys I have an interesting thing happen when I do any kind of hybrid polish.


Now here is the thing it only happens when I use 800 grit paper and only after I have rubbed the steel with it, way after the effectivness, the soft steel turns a nice shade of brown and the hardened steel brightens up. Sorta the opposite of a hadori polish on a katana, I am not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.






I have seen no ill effects in the steel and the process is repeatable.


If I go up a grit say to 1000 grit the brown goes away and I am no longer able to repeat the process, unless I go back to 800 grit. If any of you read my post on the Diamond file that I making into a nice bowie of sorts, this process looks extremely nice or at least to me it does. And when I can get a hold of my friends really sweet digital camera I will snap some shots of it. But I mostly want to here if any one else has had this happen to them? And is this a bad thing for a blade? :huh: :261:

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Guys, I really apprictae the input as my wife has said the same thing and I guess I wanted so bad to have a white hammon that when this would happen I would dismiss it and polish on and do away with it. So based on what I am seeing here I may keep it going, however I would like to know what causes this, and I would really like to know if in the long run, will it hurt the blade.

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I think Christopher has the right of it. :notworthy:


Every grit has it's effect and if you polish (like I do...) from 220 to 1000 grit then each and every specific grit has an effect and is distinct from other grits in terms of light refraction and the relative appearance of the blade and the "stuff" that seems to jump up to the eye. It also depends on type of steel, relative carbon content, alloying elements, heat treat specifics, grit of polish, light, angle, and a host of other criteria. :blink:


I might do the same thing with the same paper and grit on 5160 that has been differntially hardened and have a more blue or silver effect.


Looks nice, Dude. :notworthy:


I go to 1000 grit polish and then etch and finish depending on the steel. My opinion is that the specific paper or abrasive that you are using at this grit is coloring or adding it's effect to the blade and specific heat treat scenareo that you have put in place. Change the light and angle or the abrasive/lubricant/steel/heat treat and it might all be completely different.



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