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Bizarre photos from Ashokan 2006

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Here are a few rather strange photos from the 25th annual New England Bladesmiths’ Guild seminar at the Ashokan field campus of SUNY last weekend.




This is Tim Zowada after inadvertently snorting anhydrous borax.



Kevin Cashen disguised as a mild mannered "steel geek”.



Michael McCarthy proving that after all these years of making steel, he can actually walk through fire.



Here Don Fogg was caught on camera, apparently throwing gang hand signs.



Most horribly of all, in a bizarre accident during a Damascus demo, Delbert Ealy's head became forge welded to Kevin Cashen.



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I KNEW Tim was drunk for that demo! :D I have a couple interesting pics from Ashokan, too... real bizarre looks on many faces. Think it was from sleep deprivation, although it could also be attributed to coal forge black booger syndrome! (CFBBS?)


Here's a shot of Don proving that his level of focus can allow him to smash a 250lb Hay-Budden anvil into two pieces with his fist.




Here's the next image where Don's chi has utterly failed him, the anvil is untouched, and Jerry Rados looks on in concern as Don realizes he's just shattered most of the bones in his right arm a la Wile E. Coyote.




I think Kevin spent a solid three minutes trying to expel a hairball... the demo was great, but I must amdit the hacking noises were a bit disconcerting!



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