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Michael McCarthy's iron smelting furnace, Ashokan 2006

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Michael McCarthy (with help from some friends) spent a great deal of time and effort building an iron smelting furnace, carefully feeding it, and finally breaking it open to reveal the bloom. The entire process literally took all day and well into the night. Below are some pictures of his efforts.



Michael McCarthy.




The freshly made furnace.




Feeding the fire.




McCarthy tending the fire.




The furnace smelting away.




Viewing port in the tuyere.




Michael feeds the furnace, while Aldo views the bloom through the tuyere window.




The view through the tuyere port.



The hot bloom, fresh out of the furnace.




The cooled bloom at Sunday’s show, with one of Michael’s hawks in the background.



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That has to be the smoothest and well built tatara smelter I have seen. It looks to be on par with Niko Hynninen's great smelter from the Island of Lambs Bloom thread. Where do you guys purchase your iron sand or do you use iron sand that you find locally?

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I don't know... it kind of looks like Aldo's preparing to take the power hit off the tuyere... so what's Michael going to load it with in this pic :D ?


Seriously, it was a great demo... Michael is a driven man. I was really impressed by his knowledge, as well as his enthusiasm. I'd never have thought it'd actually be fun to watch a smelt, but it was great to witness the process!

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