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Hi would like to introduce my wife Nok and I to your forum. Thank you for having us We have made allot of

custom wood blades for training in combatives but this is our first atempt at anything made out of metal.We don't really know what we are doing yet but hope to pick up allot of info on this forum. Thanks for looking and your help Randy


13 " over all double edged

mild steel charcoal harden

bamboo pins





here the blade in the case we made


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I'd say.

Those are pretty darned cool.

I like all the different shapes.


Nice job, and the blade looks great as well.


Is the blade itself made from mild steel?

It's usually not the best stuff for making blades as it's low in carbon. So doesn't usually harden very well.

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Welcome to the forum! You have some nice designs there and your first metal knife looks good .


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Realy nice work. The wooden blades are amazing. I totaly agree with Beau, your work is too good to use mild steel. I know as a new maker you are trying to work with something that you may feel is inexpensive and easy to work with. However I feel that high carbon steals aren't expensive and that if you do have a mild steel blade turn out nicely like yours did it's pretty much a waste because it won't harden and therefore won't do what a knife is suposed to for very long. Keep up the great work and please use good steel.

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I was also talking from experience.

I made this one large blade that's sorta curved, S curved if you include the handle.

Anyway it ended up coming out real nice and was one of my first forged blades.

Had no idea what kind of metal it was, surely some kind of steel. I'm thinking some type of stainless, anyway due to not knowing the kind, and not having a forge large enough, I didn't try to harden it, so it just ended up a display piece. Can cut stuff with it, but the edge would be real soft.


Now I just use carbon steels, ones I know I can harden, and I've been having good luck. Nearly all have been stuff I've found/scrounged up,. just recently have been buying some steel. Gonna have enough to last me a long while.

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Wow that is some incredible work on those knives, I agree with Adlai on don't waste your time on mild steel. With your talent I would only use steel that is good for blades.

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