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Leather Spacers for a sheath

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I have worked this knife and now I am ready to start the sheath which I was making out of leather spacers here are a few picts and please if anyones has any ideas of how I can make it where the sheaths is solid and will not break under normal use please let me know.













I am almost done with the rough design and cutting the blade design into the center of each piece of leather.

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This is my first post on this forum...


And, To tell the truth, my slow dial-up connection is still downloading the photos of your work as I post this to you. So I may start to talk about things that are not connected to your question.


From what I have seen so far (as the photos appear slowly to me), You want a sheath that will go with the leather spacer idea of your knife handle correct?.


Off hand I see your problem, as I would never trust Super glue, or any form of Epoxy to hold a stack of spacers for the years and years of normal blade use we can expect .


Now I have never tried to make anything out of learher spacers, so Im not an expert in this stuff.

But "if" I were to attempt what you are attempting, I would actually try to copy the handle in the sheath more.

The handle seems to be a mix of leather spacers and layered Micarta or wood right?


Why not have a sheath thats the same way?


Some type of sheath that matches the handle with the use of both leather and the layered stuff?

But how would I do that?

I dont know for sure,

Perhaps I would make a inner sheath out of very thin Kydex, then cover that with the leather spacers and layered handle materials.


I dont think I would go with just a pure Leather spacer sheath thats cut too close to the shape of the blade, as that would mean the cutting edge is up against the leather getting dull.

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