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THE blade

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but im living in Australia.



What are the knife laws like out there? When I was out in Seattle, WA for the ABANA conference, I got to talking with the group from Australia. They said the knife laws are fairly strict. For example, they said the knife I was wearing (openly) would have been confiscated and I possibly arrested. Just curious. Still love the lines of that blade :D

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the laws are a little strict ..

but i have found that most people simply dont know the laws rather than the laws being so strict.


when i started my business one of my first stops was to a lawyer and i asked them for the laws in regards to blades etc ..

even they didnt know ..

all they could do was tell me that they would research it and send me the info in the mail ..

so a few days later i got a letter in the mail with the laws and i carry those with me whenever i have to take a knife to a customer.


for the most part the laws are just fine.. they are done for some silly reasons sometimes ..

but they dont hinder me ..


as for the blade you were carrying .. well i dont know, i havent seen it.

but a pen knife that is in a hip holster isnt a problems over where i am at all ..

you cant have a huge knife sticking out of your pants ..

but a small bladed instrument shouldnt cause any problems.


be this is why i like to cary the actual laws as they are written around with me, that way no matter who has a problem with what im doing, i know that i am cover myself and make sure that i dont get into any undue stress or problems.

the last thing i want is for a blade to be confiscated for some stupid reason.

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This is the knife I was carrying, I believe.




It's just barely illegal to carry in the city that I live in. But for the most part, as long as it is worn openly, they don't have a problem with it. It's when you get in to the real big stuff...

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Ah, Cool to know, had wondered since one of the knives there was a comment about the kiwi land, which would be more of a jump to the east/southeast... then saw the comment across the pond, and was just wondering which pond it was, and in a way it's both =P

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Bob, you would have some serious explaining to do with the cops over here if you were carrying that around on your belt.


The Laws differ from state to state over here, but for the most part there seems to be some level of sensibility ( or at least you can understand how the law came to be) for most of them :blink: .


In the case of your knife for instance the onice would be on you to explain why you are carrying the knife, and a blade of that size you would be hard pressed to explain away as a tool. Small folders, leather man, even a three inch fixed blade that I carry on my belt when I am out riding or on my property the cops don't have a problem with. Its takes some explaining but they are usually pretty cool. As long as you can present a plausible reason for carrying the blade , and its not a prohibited item, they will usually let you go on your way.


If your a kid hanging out in a shopping mall and you have a folder your screwed.....


But as an example in Western Australia Daggers are not a prohibited item, as I under stand it. But where I live in South Australia they are, "Unless" you have a dispensation. As a maker I can make them for other people under "my" dispensation but can only sell them to people who "also" have a dispensation. I have to keep a record of the blade and who I have sold it too, I don't have to notify them of it however, just keep the records in case they come knocking.


Dee your a Pohm ? :blink: Now that would be a good excuss to give you a hard time ...... please dont hit me :D



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im english .. the australians can call me what they want from that snippet of info ..



jas has it .. you'd be hard pressed to explain away the reason for you to carry around a blade of that size.

if you were out fishing or camping or something of that sort, you could probably get away with that ... or at least, i have in the past ...

but if you were going into town with that strapped to your belt .. you'd probably have some 'splaining to do pretty quickly.


when i deliver a blade to a customer i usually either carry it in a case and put it in the back seat or i wrap it up in cloth and again put it in the back seat ..

that way if i am ever pulled over, the police can see that im not carrying it around simply to use as a weapon ..

and as i said, i carry my copy of the laws for my state and i obviously always have a handful of business cards in my purse.

that way they have something else that proves that im a legitimate knifemaker and not just some nutter who has a good story worked out in advance.


ive never had a problem with any officer that has ever pulled me over ..

and have never been treated with anything but courtesy and respect.

there is even a police officer in these parts that is a hobby bladesmith.. so i know who to go to if i run into any concerns.

but i dont foresee anything like that happening.

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I've got a good friend, Reg Ellery, a police officer in Western Australia who's also a fine knifemaker. What a coincidence if he's the same fellow you know!


That's a fine knife by the way, the fellow you made it for was an absolute pinhead, to say the least, as far as I'm concerned. How do you work your satin finish? I don't notice any sanding lines in the picture. (I wish I could find exotic hardwoods in old houses around here but then I also hear a lot of this stuff is burned as firewood where you live as well! :D )


Oops, never mind, I just looked closer at the picture and I see the fine sanding lines going lengthwise down the blade, excellent work!

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Nice knife Dee looks like a comfortable handle.


About the knife laws, in NSW you’re not supposed to carry any knife with out a good reason like it being part of your job. The maximum penalty for carrying a knife is 2 years in prison but considering the amount of kids that get caught I doubt most people would even be charged probably just have the knife confiscated.

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...you’re not supposed to carry any knife with out a good reason like it being part of your job.


I can't believe that! Even pocket knives??? Would opening your morning mail be considered part of your 'job'? :D

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I can't believe that! Even pocket knives??? Would opening your morning mail be considered part of your 'job'? :D

That’s the problem it’s up to the cops discretion. If you’re over 30 you’ll probably get away with carrying a pocket knife as long as it’s under 3inches and people friendly i.e. no serrations or black finish.

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