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First knife - help with buttcap needed

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my name is Christoph, and I´m from Germany (born and raised in Heidelberg, living in Trier right now).

I´ve been lurking around your marvellous forums for quite a while and thought you might be able to help me out on my first fullsize Knife (I´ve only made a tanto-shaped-letteropener before).

I´m not quite sure what sort of buttcap would fit on it - tried a simple copperplate, but that looks a bit boring to my eye...


It´s sort of an tanto-scandi thing I guess:






Handle Material is bamboo and bubinga, habaki and seppa (which will be properly fitted next) are copper (pretty obvious :lol: ) and the blade has been forged/ ground out of an old file and differentially hardened with a clay coat (at much to high temperature I must admit :unsure: ).


Any comments welcome.





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I agree also, the bamboo joint makes a good end to the handle. If you do attach a pommel go conservative and let the pommel compliment the joint. The knife looks real good and the habaki is the centerpiece visually.

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thanks for your comments.


I guess that was just what I needed to hear to see this knife as finished (almost - some refinement on the habaki and seppa is needed).

Isn´t it hard to stop working on a blade when you see so many people esp. on this forum doing it so much better?


Well, first real knive finished, second one already in the making - didn´t think this would get that addictive...(hope my wife stays as understanding as she is :D )


Thanks again,



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