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New Neck knife and Sheath

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Thanks, for the kind words, guys!


The knife is 1095. For the handle, I simply soaked a piece of rawhide in water for a few hours until it was soft, fit it to the handle and trimmed to size. I punched holes down one side, then placed it back on the knife and matched the holes on the other side. Waxed linen (dark brown) in a baseball stitch, then let it dry. Painted with a dark brown leather dye, and quickly wiped it off. Knife finished (in the interest of full disclosure, I still need to sharpen it...).


The sheath started out with a wooden core (three pieces, the center peice tapered and closely fit to the blade, then outer sides glued on and carved/sanded to shape, with smoothly rounded edges). More soaked rawhide, trimmed with maybe half an inch excess on the sides and top. Punched holes on one side, then placed the two sides together so I could again match the holes on the unpunched piece. Sewed with the same waxed linen with a simple whip stitch all around, starting across the top so the excess there would make the top rim of the sheath. Placed a piece of buckskin fringe under each stitch, then went back and tightened all of them. When all that was done, sewed back the opposite direction so each stitch was an "X." Dyed the same way.


Did learn that you need to pay attention to the direction you sew the first set of stitches. The excess rawhide will naturally fold to the front or the back of the sheath (depending on stitch direction). That works fine going "down" one side, but when you start "up" the other side, it folds the other direction. Lesson learned, do each side starting at the top and working down (or vice versa), not down one and up the other.


The neck lanyard I wove using Japanese 4-cord kumihimo technique. Nice, easy and fast, compared to tradidtional braiding. That part took about half an hour.

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