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ok so im 16 and realy into learning how to bladesmith and i was wondering where i could find a list of everything i need to make my first complete blade i already have a forge, an anvil hammers,and tongs.

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Hi were to start Hmmm steel would be good plenty of tips in other posts as to type ,

satanite clay if you intend to temper with a hamon more tips in forums , and awater trough ( or oil ) again more tips on forums , in fact everything you need is referd to somwere in a forum on this site ,

but im afraid patiance and determination are not disscused here and you will need that first off ,


you will find info on everything you need I wish you all the best and welcome to the Nut house of steel pounders you will like it here



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The best place to start IMO is to see if there is an ABANA chapter close to you and check it out. Or try a good book (The complete bladesmith by Jim Hrisoulas (may have the spelling right)).


Of course materials wise add a quench tank and quenchant, a magnet, files and a suitable steel will give you a good start.



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You have everything you need to get started.Go out and heat that forge up and hammer on some steel.Forge in the distal taper first,then the tip, And then your bevels.You can use a file to clean it up,just look atr Tai Goos knives,he uses no belt grinder or most power tools,almost all the work is done with a hammer,forge,anvil,and files.There are many excelent tutorials on the various forums,read them all there free.

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are you just thinking blade or actual completed knife with handle? if you wont be doing the handle yea, you have everything you need pretty much...just need a bucket or somthing to quench in as well as oil or water and then your mom out of the house for a couple hours while you use her stove for tempering cause i dont know about you but mine would kill me if she found a knife in the oven, make sure you can run faster scared than she can mad...yea, other than that just look around on the forums anvilfire.com is pretty good for info

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The most important tool in my shop is my vise....without it I can't even make a sheath.


Files! Become a collector.


A drill press is nice...


If you forge and/or do your own heat-treating, a hot fire and a toaster oven. and something to hold the hot metal with.


Heck, that's about all one has to have, everything else is just labor-saving.


One thing to keep in mind is that almost any tool made for grinding metal or sanding wood can be adapted to knifework.

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Yeah Mike,

you got what you need to get started.........your biggest asset is you disire to do it ....... go start the forge and use and old file .......they are usually made out of water hardening steel....... and go for it. when you get to the point of a question just get on here and ask......... and if the bug gets ahold of you look out!!!!!!!! It can be a life time battle of fun and frustation........ you come here for both.... welcome and good luck......... also check out the "madd dwarfs" on this forum and I think they have here own web site too ........they are right up your alley

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Don't forget the slack tub. Sounds stupid but it beats waiting for the tongs to cool off, and they will get hot. I like a welders glove for the tong hand, lets you realize that the tongs are getting hot before you burn your hand. You can't beat a spring fuller to draw out bar of steel. This is something that's not hard to make for yourself.


There's one thing that you will need that you can't buy anywhere, the ability to accept and learn from your mistakes. Every beginner makes plenty of them and you won't learn unless you are making mistakes. One other thing, learn to live in the solution rather than the problem.


Doug Lester

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