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My new Fogg Forge!

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Well, my buddy finally beat me into submission and forced me into his shop to make my forge (which I've pestered him over for around 7 months now).


Anyway, here's the end result of a decent day of work... mainly by Joe. I did a lot of holding, and standing around. AND I managed to jam his 12" belt grinder (which, or course, I swore to him I knew my way around... once again life showing me the importance of humility!).


None of this would have been possible for me without Joe Fasolino of Neoteric Creations. I cannot thank him enough! An incredibly talented designer and welder, and a true friend.


Matt's Forge


We were originally going to use a 12"x18" piece of Schedule 40 stainless until I showed up at his shop this morning, saw it, realized that the damn thing weighed almost 70 pounds with nothing in it, and decided a lighter design would be adequate.


Most of it is 1/8" stock, work rests (3/16") and the stand, which is 3"x5"x3/16" square tubing.


Now, I need to get the Inswool in and get burnin'!


I need to thank Darren Ellis for his input on the design and (of course) all of the refractory supplies for it, as well as the original design and personal input from Don Fogg, and John Frankl's posts on Don's forums of his own twists on Don's design. A special 'thank you' to Chris Meyer's photography skills at Ashokan this year, as being able to see the forge Paul Norris built through the forums was a real help!

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