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Virgin edge???

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I read that a good healthy Japanese blade has a unsharpened edge near near the tang.Do all of you bladesmiths do this when you make a Japanese style blade.It really doesn't make any sense to me.



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it is called "ubu ha" and it is the first couple inches above the habaki


it is usually done to allow for a longer usable life of the weapon


every time a japanese sword is polished it (the ubu ha) recedes back towards the habaki, and that is an indicator of how many times the weapon has been polished


all that said, since most european weapons are not polished in the same way, they would not benefit from the same techniques

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I have read that too and see it on blades all my blades have this as standerd even tho as was said we polish differently , I have also read that some early blades were only sharp for the first 12 inch as this was the part that had the speed and power in the cut and was traveling the fastest


but if i was on the reciving end I dont think i would be too worried about were the blade was sharpend do you


interesting topic thanks :)

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