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damascus straight knife

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Here is a knife I made for my wife before I shipped to basic, I want some input.


the blade is a sandwich of wirerope and a core of roller bearing

I got the rollerbearing from and industrial gearbox.


The guard is also wirerope it wasn't etched very deeply however looking up close it has a woodgrain appearance.



The handle is a deer bone with leather and copper spacers with black walnut.


the sheath behind it isn't finished. once it is it will have leather wrapped around the tip, and around the top.

with a belt attachment loop on it. I plan on doing some carvings on the wood in the middle but i haven't decided yet what to do.





this picture show the nice cold shut i got while forging it. It isn't enough to compromise the blade strength

but give it "Character" which is nice in every blade.. :P right?


that is what I get for forging a roller bearing and wirerope together and letting it cool down too much.



The heat treat is

Triple quenched. Then edge quenched, in olive oil, Then I put it an oven for 30 minutes at 350 and cooled in still air then put it into the freezer just to make sure it was "cool enough" then I repeated the cycle at 30 minute intervals increasing 25 degrees each time up until I reached 400 degrees.

Then I finished the etch.


So what do you think?

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Great looking knife. Nice present for the wife who has everything. I'm seeing a lot of wire damacus as of late and I think I will have to try my luck. Thanks for showing it.



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first of all thanks for serving your country!

hope you can find time to do some work when you get out of basic and become a regular.....maybe you can forge blanks on leave and finish them were ever you

wind up........

At any rate...... keep it up ........ love those shuts EH? don't stop forging because of them . you will get them out eventualy!!!!! and good luck to you ........ not just with the shuts.......

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