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when I first started forging I had didn't have enough money to buy one of the "good " style hack saw of the day........ but I found a broken one and copied it as a forging excerise and inexpensive way of aquiring a new one...... we won't talk of the days' worth of labor it cost me to make it but I worked for cheap back then......... ha ha ha .......

It weighs maybe 3 or 4 lbs........ every time I use a new modern ones I am surprised and pleased at how much better my hand made saw du hack works . the weight gives it an amount of inertia and downward force that works way better than any store bought one I have ever used......... I was just using it and thought I would post a photo of it

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Very cool! I have made a few saws but not a hack saw yet, certainly not a forged one.

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