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Hi all!


It´s bean a too long my last work... :angry:


Here is one tanto MOROHA-ZUKURI style. What you think is over all desing too slim??


Total lengt is 41 cm, hamachi 31mm at point 25mm, thicknes hamachi 7mm and kissaki 6mm


do you think this is too slim...compare to lengt of hte blade?





This is my firts experimet of this style of blade or the hamon im planing to make (hitatsura)


Niko Hynninen

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Looks just right to me. To me it's got a awesome shape and lines. I think the width of the blade goes well with the length of it. I also like the bevel of the edge and that SMOOTH looking taper that the blade has to the point. Keep us posted on this one for sure! VERY NICE!! Thanks for posting the pic for us. Willie

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