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these are some photos of a press I made...... I won't include much text here as a picture is worth a thousand words as they say. I made this of hot rolled steel and should have used cold rolled steel because the amount of money I saved between cold rolled and hot rolled was now where near the time I put into it to get the steel to demention. In hindsight it wuld have been more than worth it to use cold rolled.........

I run this on my log splitter and so all the noise is outside... I can hear the fluid gurggling in the hoses when I use it ....... It is soooooo nice to work in a quite shop........ the best part is than I can sit down and look directly at what I doing . If I'm a little out of square it is easy to see and correct before I get my billet out of square. the control I have over what is happening is the far better than under the trip hammer. another big plus is I can used both hands and gain much contol that way too .

I wish I had made it a bigger size width wise but it is for the type of work I do. the opening is 4 &1/4" wide 6" deep the stroke Is 11" I'm running at 13 gpm at 2000psi

I hope the photos show good enough how the foot petal is built ....... I had trouble uploading these photos so they may be out of order or repeats...... and if any are out of size Don please eliminate them

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yeah. I see the repeats. ha ha ha . I'm a computer woose....... I see that you can edit things here. could I eliminate them? I really don't have a computer. I have an internet player called msntv and so don't have a clue about most computer tech........ But i am going to be getting a laptop soon so I guess the learning curve is going to skyrocket.


Matt, I really don't remember but I think about $400 ? in just the steel. the cold rolled was going to be a coulpe hunderd more . I built it a few years ago and I think I was under $1000 for everything other than the logsplitter

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