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My new micro forge


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Well i was siting at home being annoyed that it is snowing and i cant get out to work on the forge (the forge is out side) so i decided that i would build a micro forge so i could work on gaurds and what not when the weather was poor and this was born.


Fire chamber is 2.5" by 5.75"







a 6" by 24" piece of Kaowool that my bottle of ITC-100 came packaged in (thanks for the extra kaowool Jock if you read this forum:-)

and a coffee can




a pair of tin snips

and a cordless drill (for the burner hole that you can see in the picture)



i will be firing this beast with a propane plumbers torch

well hopefully it will get hot enough to mush some dimes together in it :-)

if not i am out like a buck worth of Kaowool and 25minutes of my time



~~ DJ

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COOL! Looks like Laryy Zoeller's mini forges!




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get the right kind of plumbers torch and you'll have plenty of heat! One of my torches is self lighting and puts out a good sized flame, the other which was cheap ($12.00 with a full bottle) doesn't put out nearly the same size flame or heat. I made a forge out of an old five gallon laquer thinner container, 2" inswool and it gets up to 1600F with the one torch! I can't wait to put a real burner in it. good luck with it matt

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Looks great :) I'm hoping to make myself one of those sometime soon.


I've read elsewhere that the kaowool should be coated in rigidiser before firing, to prevent the fibres becoming an airborne health hazard.


Yep i use ITC 100 that i got from the Anvilfire store


i will post a picture of the finished microforge tomorrow assuming i get done replacing the ignition in my car in time to finish it tonight.

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Here is one I made. I used a conduit connecter for the burner coller. The ceramic fiber is coated with refractory mortar. I can forge blades up to about five inches in it no problem. I usually stand two fire bricks in front to narrow the opening. They work good for small stuff.




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well the cheap 10$ torch i had in the micro forge wasn't putting out enough heat so i decided to get creative after a brief search i found a picture of this set up and decided to recreate it.




if you notice the fact that its put together out of well junk its because it is part of a on going projects with a local Boy scout troupe to make as many tools as possible for blacksmithing with only a drill and common hand tools. if you have any ideas let me know the only guidelines are it has to cost under 30$ and use no tools that wouldn't be in any simple tool chest, o ya it also has to be able to be put together in a weekend by a 15 year old with supervision.



i will post a picture of it up and running tomorrow i hope by the time my crappy cordless drill got done with the hole for the torch head it was to late to hook the shop vac up as a air source <_< then i will finally be able to forge again as the city shut down my coal forge :angry: and i am to poor to afford charcoal.





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Hi DJ, There's a link above to zoeller forge that might help. If you look up side arm burner there are plans for a 1/2" version. It'll really do a nice job on a small forge, and should fit the budget. Only consideration would be a propane set up vs. your natural gas set up. Best of luck, and it sounds like your local troupe does great projects, Craig

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