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Ulrich - this is extraordinary. Your steel is amazing.


Have you ever considered making a Mughal-style khanjar?

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Nice one! B)

It looks like it means buisness, very smooth form.

How much manipulation did you do to influence the pattern, or is that the forged-in texture?


I forged the blade near to shape and than I grind 14 grooves at each side of the saberblade.


@ all: you are very kind to me, thanks Uli. :D

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Let me be the first to say that is one of the best looking blades I have ever seen. We are all privileged here to see some of the best craftsmanship on the planet from some of the best makers. I will not use names because we all know who they are. This is one extraordinary piece of work. Let me say thank you for sharing as humble as I can.



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Stunning Uli awesome sword i like the way you attached the guard and fitted the bolsters around it. Thanks for the photos.


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Hi Uli


That turned out really sweet and I bet you must have blisters on your fingers from all the polishing.

I like how you did the fittings and used the silver.

I am sure you to will be glad that it is finished, what is happening to the dagger?

A pic of the pieces both finished would be great.



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Fantastic work! They will both be remembered by me for a very long time along with the dozen or so knives that I will never forget. The Jambiya is one of my favorite designs, I absolutely love the ridge which was created to pierce chainmail and other armor.



Did the new owner mention his intentions with them? Ive heard of a few high dollar pieces being made for wedding gifts, to wear during weddings, and just to wear during formal gatherings in the Middle East.

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