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Speaking of making habaki...

Brian Vanspeybroeck

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We were talking about brazing/soldering habaki and in the process of doing my morning rounds of my favorite 'Net places I ran into this construction of an ebony (wooden) habaki for a *HuGe* Japanese sword

over at Nihonto Antiques.




If you have time and are interested take a look at Moses Becerra's site and follow the progression of the polishing and restoration of this giant sword including the making of a new ebony habaki and a wooden resting scabbard.




I have seen wooden habaki before but not one this large. Nor have I seen this detailed of an account of carving one or of a sword restoration in general. This sword will be on display at this years Midwest Token Kai sword show in Chicago and you can bet I'll be there to get a close look at this kind of project.




Interesting stuff...



"Imagination is more important than knowledge" - Albert Einstein


"The innovator is not an opponent of the old. He is a proponent of the new."

- Lyle E. Schaller



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