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this goes along with the filing vise I posted earlier........ It is made from a small spring ....... I left it nomalized after I formed it ........ you don't need to harden and temper it........ the wood wedges are ends cut off from a clothespin........ they were handy but you can make them out of any wood........round off the edges of the steel where the sand paper folds over the part of the frame that the wedges go in so that they don't cut the paper ......... this is a real handy way of sanding small rounded areas ....... you can make the paper tight or loose by how tight you load the paper it the frame .......... I find it makes sanding rounded areas much easier and controlable with better results than using a flat platon or holding both ends of the paper and using the shoeshine method...........

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Dang you are the tool making man!

That is very handy looking.I guess I'll humble my redneck self and

say congratulations on your Yankee Ingenuity

(OBTW I went to Morse Farm last year for the Maple Syrup Open House)

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