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stag and damascus hunter

Nick Wheeler

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Hey Folks- Looks like this one is sold, THANKS everybody!!!

This one was ordered quite some time ago and the guy fell off the face of the earth. I've held onto it now for over a year and I'm thinking it's time to let it go to a good home ;)


1,000 layer, tight ladder pattern in 1084/15N20

416 ss guard

sambar stag handle with a single 416 ss pin

hand-stitched 8/9 oz. vegetable tanned leather sheath

Bill's custom case (ordered just for this knife)


For what it's worth, this knife was featured in Knives 2007.


$465 shipped first to email me at Merckman99@yahoo.com gets it :)




The pattern is very fine, but it is not faint or washed out as it seems to appear in my photos. I'm trying to get better! Thanks to Eric at Point7 for the first photo which is GREAT :)









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Ah Crap, I'm too late .I was going to suggest you send me this for the tip on the Platons .........Ha ha ha

I am just kidding........It is nice looking.......I see why it went so fast



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