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hey guys hope you like it. once again the pics are not the best. i need to take my time one of these days and set the white balance. the colors are a little off but you get the point


3/8" wide

5 1/2" long

1/8" thick

delbert ealy dragon pattern damascus

hollow grind with false edge on top (tough to see in the pic)

1/8" stainless and copper mosaic pins

Exhibition grade Mother of pearl handles.

and a little checkering going on for the thumb and fore finger


thanks for looking



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I won't miss Ashokan under pain of death!


There's never enough time for everything we WANT to do, though, is there?


You know, you could come out and visit me, too, ya know! I've got more than enough room, and I live in one of the most beautiful areas of the Northeast Tropical Rainforest!


... I won't make you sleep in the truck, either! :P:D

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WOW Mike, that is so very pointy and sharp looking! I love the mother of pearl/mosaic pins/damascus, and how it fits together all so perfectly! ARe you and Matt talking about the Ashokan meet is Spring?

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Yep, Sam... it was one of the best experiences of my life!


Mike sissied out last time because of work, or something ridiculous like that. You'd think that he'd be willing to give up a good new job, or leave his gorgeous fiancee for something as important as Ashokan, tho... :blink::D


Anyway, since attending Ashokan I had to relearn everything I thought I knew about steel (which turned out to be not much, and mostly garbage based on myth and old wives tales). Truly an incredible experience, where I met a lot of great people and learned like you wouldn't believe!


Sorry for the off topic, Mikey! Gorgeous blade... truth is, I've kind of come to expect no less from you, tho... you set the bar really high for yourself, and always manage to clear it effortlessly!

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