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Integral bolster shoulder question

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I just had a bad day, so I fired up the forge for the first time in a long while, and forged me a long thin integral bolster from a cold chisel. It's annealing now. The only problem with it is that the shoulder from the bolster part is more of a slop than anything, how do I get it to be a shoulder?



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yeah, i'm havin' this problem too - so far as i can see the best way is to set the tang/bolster/blade interface with a spring or mechanical fuller (or have a tight radius on your anvil and never miss), but set it and work back; or else do what i usually do and use a bench grinder while it's still hot - it don't teach you anything new, but it works fine.

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I just came across this thread. The Brazilian tutorial Greg posted is excellent. I am the one who is doing the tutorial that Hickstick posted the link to. I have added a lot to it since then. If you want to see the extended tutorial with explanations of each step, you can find it here: http://p081.ezboard.com/fpaleoplanet69529f...picID=645.topic. We would love it over there at paleoplanet if anyone wanted to join and add his experience and expertise. Hope this helps. Todd

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