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Hunter with Seacowripbone

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Hello everybody.


It´s about time I´d contribute something -


This blade is forged from 1.3505 (german Steel index), 4 1/8 `` long, 1/8`` thick

Fittings are wrought iron, deeply etched

Handle made from Steller´s Seacow´s ripbone - gorgeous stuff! - 4,5`` long (with fittings)

The blade goes through and through and is riveted with the cap.


Have a good time whereever you are -









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Mat, You got the simple knife thing down to an art! How close was the bone to handle shape before you started working on it? First time I used that type of bone I had the piece at least 10 years before I figured out what to do with it. Its one of my favorite handle materials but don't see it that much here. First piece I used was so porous I had to mix up another batch of epoxy.

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a very nice one !

and I like the picture also ! :)

did your seacow bone come from the north Sea or from a beach ??? and is that fossile bone?

very gorgeous color ....:)

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Hello Fellas.


Wow, lots of questions here ;-)


The Bone is totally dense and hard, like marble. There is no problem at all which needed to be solved by stabilizing. The colour is natural. And it was oval in its natural state, length as seen, but a bit wider in all dimensions.


The blade is blackened with Gun Blue.


And the bone is not really fossil, but as the steller´s seacow is extinct since 140years, it can´t be too fresh. And I don´t really know where the poor beast lived.


Thanks for the kind words, everyone - much appreciated.





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thanks for your explanations , Mat !

great knife ! :)

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