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wavey kris type dagger/knife

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i have a small piece of pattern welded steel that i would like to make a necklace out of. what i would like is a Kris dagger type, has the wavey snake like curves in it, my question is, if anyone can tell me, how are the curves put in, are they bent, or ground/filed in to make the shape? i imagine either way would work, but im not sure if the pattern will turn out the way i have in my mind. the billet is just a few layers welded together then folded a few times to give 30 layers.


any ideas would greatly be appreciated, thanks


Ron Smith

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Sounds cool!


Jim Hrsoulas' master bladesmith book shows the use of beding forks or a stepped bic. Bending forks are easiest iirc. The newest edition of the $50 knife shop shows a bottom tool made from a sledge hammer and a special hammer as top tool. "The world of the javanese keris" has a couple pages on forging. Although the kriss was straight and not unulating. (both are traditional)


Goddard says he saw the setup he uses in a kids video from indonesia or something. Grinding is to wasteful for the culture/times.....


I think the best way is with forks......but I've never done it.



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Ron here is a link to a little one i made i forged some bends than used files and sandpaper to profile it.




Bob, i searched and that didnt come up, but then again i always have trouble when searching for things. That is exactly what im after, a bit smaller to be worn around the neck, no sharp edges.

Very nice by the way, i do remember looking at that, what less than a month ago,


and Matthew, that book is on my list of books i want, i have Jim's first book, and the rest are on my list of books im gonna get sometime very soon


thanks again


Ron Smith

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