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Gentleman Boot Dagger

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Hello at all


on Wensday I was by my Friend Cyrus ... and we made some headtreathments. And we had a good lunsh ;-)


Today I finished this one up.


Please take a look and let me know what you think !



Regards Murat






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Cool little knife Murat is it forged or stock removal or both? I like the ring pommel it would make it very easy to access. Well done!


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Thanks for the nice words.


@ Robert Mayo


This pice I forget out of a 20mm Round bar, and then I started Grinding and Fileling ;-)



@ Gerhard


Thanks, Yes I am on a Hamon Trip. I realy enjoy making hamons and learn more about the steel from knife to knife.


My First Hamon ever was on that nice Bowie blade you forget for me... you know ... the cooperaqtion Bowies ?


Now Its nearly Finished but not 100 % ready for the weekend, but for Solingen I think... But I will show it to you on Sunday ;-)


Sheath is comming tomorow I hope.


Regards Murat

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hello murat !

a very nice one ! :)


do you come this year to Gembloux ?

best regards ,

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