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C or H frame for Hyd Press?


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Finally ordered a 6 inch ram and 16 GPM pump from surplus center today :D just one question remains, should i go the c or h frame configuration? as far as i can see both have their merits, C frame has ease of access, H frame is more rigid etc. Any input / suggestions anyone has about these styles of press would be appreciated as i'm at a loss as to which design to use.

thanx in advance


p.s i will post pics of my press as it is built


thanx once again :):):)

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Now that's just plain spooky, I ordered a 6 x 12 ram, 16 gpm pump and a valve from Surplus Center yesterday. I visited a machinery dealer yesterday and he had a 20 ton C-frame press. The frame was cut from 2" steel and must have weighed about 8 ton. If you go down the C-frame path you'll be doing some serious fabrication. I'll be building a H-frame, a lot easier and a lot stronger.

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