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alright i got bored at work and tried to work out a wottz formula spreadsheet, no messing around tweekeing things, just enter the known alloy of each given material, then the ammounts of each material in grams

boom it should pop up with your outcome

then you can tweek and mix up the ratio till you get what you need, or easily save recipies for later to try to keep the math consistent.

work in new materials and save the mixes. i figured it was worth a try.

i did it out long hand once or twice and thats a pain the butt. hope you guys enjoy and maybe someone uses it.


i can't upload it here but i'm willing to send it to anyone if they're interested. Greg is the first up to bat. he can give it his approval

thanks guys

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Hmm, they can't tell you how it works unless they use the sheet to calculate the correct proportions of ingredients, do the melt and then have the steel analysed to see if the steel looks anything like the prediction, you got to wait at least another week for the lab results to start rolling in, assuming everyone jumped on the furnace right away...


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:P ohhh you know what i mean

i'm just trying to see if they like how it figures out the math for them, instead of figuring long hand.

someday i'll get to making my own "wootz" or few balls of useless metal whatever comes out first


i got a leed on some local white cast with the following composition

Composition : C 3.7% Si .90% Mn .40%

Cr 1.6% Cu 2.00%


we'll see how it goes


thanks again guys

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