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MBA Hammerin and special presentation

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Hi all


i wasn't sure where to post this... but i'll try it here


well..... I went to the MBA hammering at Bill Flemings place... and as i strolled up to the forge i saw a familiar face... It was Jake Powning... ... there was a rumour going around that he might show ... man i just knew it was gonna be a great day!!


here's some pic's and I'll comment a little bit.. ;)


he's getting ready to put on a presentation... and discuss secret carving techniques..









he brought with him this cool old trunk that his Grand Father made... and in it was a stunning blade that he's working on







the blade.... very nice








Now abit of a close up on that damascus...... the blade had a sort of flatten diamond cross section... leaf blade like.... and in the damascus mix was some wrought ......if you looked close you could see some silica stringers here and there.... ooooooOo man







he had some fitting on it that were carved in wax and getting ready for casting.......the handle was a brilliant bog oak... and carved with very nice relief


i held the blade for abit........ sweet work forsure !!


last pic... after the presentation... ... there was abit of a Q&A .... here Jake is talking to Jerry about the finer details...





just thought i'd post somethin for the folks who couldn't be there


take care


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i should add.......there is some more photo's on my album... not the best as i'm not a very good photographer... ... so go ahead and check out the rest of the hammer in pic's


aswell......that day ... Becky put on a cool presentation on how to forge a fire poker with a rolled leaf handle...... ;);)



take care





ps....... thank you Jake for coming out... and doing a great presentation!

you just gotta stay for a longer time and hammer out some blades ;)

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Hey thanks Greg! I got to see some really nice integrals that Greg is working on as well as a really nice blade of W1 with a differential heat treat that he made, it was beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your stuff Greg.

I wish I was coming to Harleys too Alan buddy :(B)

ah well. I hope I'll be able to get down there again one day. its a looong way off from here.

this hammerin was great, the Maritime Blacksmiths Asociation really is a great organization. I'm hoping to get to more of there hammerins this summer if i can, Greg and some other smiths were just getting the forges going, and heating up some steel right when I had to go. next time i'm bringing my tent. :lol:

The blade that I had there with me is the moonblade that I had a bunch of pictures of making on here a while ago by the way. My modem is down so I'm not able to post pictures at the moment, I'm occasionally getting to work on a borrowed lap top to keep up with the web but not so much. hopefully i will be back up and running on full engins soon :D

thats an awesome looking messer Alan! wish i could be there to see that being heat treated.

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Wow, that is awesome. I wish I coulda been there to meet Jake, and you too Greg. That carving is amazing. I'm jealous. :P Maybe I'll be able to go to one of these things next year. Unfortunately, my next two summers are taken up with work :(

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Gorgeous blade, as usual Jake!


...and, I see that you, too are freshly shorn for the summer! Big change from seeing you at Ashokan! I might not have recognized you in the pics if it wasn't for the trademark vest...

Mine finally got long enough to donate to Locks of Love, and it was no where near as long as your hair was.


I agree with Alan... too bad you won't be at Larry's. I was looking forward to the chance of paying more attention to you working!

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