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Grandfather passed away

Jared T.

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my Grandfather passed away this morning at 5:03. I was closer to him than I am to my Dad so its like losing a father. We were told that he only had six days to live and that was 8 months ago. He pulled through just so he could see my baby and see me finish collage which was two days ago.

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My condolences. May 23 will be the one year annivesery of my mothers passing from cancer. She was able to outlast predictions as well and held on till my sister and I were at her side. I belive that she chose that time go. Have strength and never forget and your grandfather will live on.


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May the memory of the good times that you had with your grandfather be a comfort to you now at this time of loss. He will live on through you and your baby.


May God give you peace.


Doug Lester

HELP...I'm a twenty year old trapped in the body of an old man!!!

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