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New vertical forge/smelter

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Made from an 80 gallon compressor tank that I shortened by two feet. It is lined with Minrox MX refractory cement which is rated for 3000 Deg (F). The lid comes off so I can smelt and cast with it also. The blower is 90 CFM through 1 1/2" pipe and controlled with a gate valve. Today I will wire in an electronic speed control and see how that works. If it allows very fine air flow control then I will remove the gate valve since it does restrict some air even when it is wide open.


The forge weighs 250 Lbs 200 of that is just the refractory (4 50 Lbs. bags used). It has a square hole sliding/adjustable tool rest.









I just wired in the electronic speed control and it seems to work. It wants to race a bit towards "high" and there is some delay turning it down due to the spool down of the blower motor. I will use it for a few weeks and decide then if I want it in permanent. Now I can remove the gate valve and replace it with a straight pipe with much less resistance.


Here is a video of the speed control working.



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Time to fire it up on medium to drive off any lingering moisture in the refractory.


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That forge is a BEAST!


How long does it take to get up to a forging heat? I've got enough castable refractory to put a 1" "liner" in my current forge, but I've worried that I'd have to fire the pig up and let it run for a half-hour before I could do anything, and that's about 30% of the time I get to forge, anyway!


Regardless, sweet forge, for sure!

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I went to fire it up to forge heat and there was alot of steam comming out. So I idled it back down for 30 minutes to let more of the moisture evaporate out. It has cured for four days now but it looks like it needs more time. I don't want any cracks or explosions.


During the warm up I did get a 1/4" x 2" chunk of leaf spring up to forge temps within 20 minutes. The sound is deafening and I had to use hearing protection to avoid a grinder of a headache. :blink:


Update: After coating the inside with APG #36 I can get the same chunk of spring to forging heat in seven minutes. The coating made a big difference.

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