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Official NABS Member thread

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Tally up one more member fellas, as you can kind of see in my profile I should fit right in! :lol:


A hair over 6" and only 140lbs.! :lol:

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Although I still look the part, I'm finally (at the age of 37) having metabolic shifts - I weigh 167 pounds, and I've started a workout program to whip me into shape, as the mass I've put on is just "dumpy-middle-aged-guy weight". Not sure if the weight will ever be back to where it was (truth be told, I think it was unhealthy - I was at 148 pounds about 18 months ago).

Regardless, 90 days from no, whatever weight I have will be hard, lean muscle - I'll try and remember to post pics.



The NABS hammer was swung to great effect a few months ago at Dan Farr's shop, where Roger Pinnock and myself collaborated on a southwest-style bowie modeled after Jerry Fisk's Rojo bowie... we called ours the 'Mojo' in reference and honor of - even managed to pick up a couple of nominations for Bladeforums.com Best Bowie 2008!




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I had my wife look this post over and she decided there needs to be a new society to add to the forum. Tricia said it would be the HABS. So it would be the Hot A$$ Bladesmith Society, she also mentioned that all the HABS members should be required to post shirtless pictures while forging hot steel. She figured that would bring a bunch more women viewers to the site.


I am 6'4" tall and weight in at 235 lb so I don't qualify in any way for the NABS. No idea what my weight is in kilo's or stones. Since I dont qualify for the NABS, I will just have to settle for being forum member. <_< Tricia did mention that the NABS should come out with a swimsuit issue, each guy would be posing with some sharp steel in your forge or on the anvil. She thought it would sell really well to all the bladesmithing groupies.

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Hi Matt,


Doing fine. Took Don Fogg's Japanese forging class and came away with a very nice

katana and the Japanese blade bug. I may have found my calling. :rolleyes:


Aline is doing well. She's now teaching Hypnotherapy, is a member of the National

Guild, and is state registered. I don't know where she gets her energy. Her Reiki

practice is growing as well. :mellow:


Hope you're doing fine.



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