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Just finished this bad boy for one of our guys in Iraq, he's home on leave now and hopefully it will put a smile on his face before returning to the sauna. Put two pictures up with different lighting.



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I second that WOW thats a handfull of serios looking steel. How about some closeups and specs Rick.

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Specs? that's always a tough one as I rarely am able to take photos before rushing them off to the customer. Here are the basic specs though:

Blade length- 35"

Blade width- 2.75" with continuous taper

Thickness- .25" with continuous taper

Handle- approx. 12"

Blade is random pattern 52100 and A203E with about a 70 to 30 percent ratio.

Fittings are steel, copper, steel for both pommel and guard and are a riveted three piece construction for each.

Weight was not taken but I'd say about 4 lbs with a balance point about 6" forward of the guard. It feels great and moves very nicely.


Have to edit more pictures yet but will add them as soon as I get a chance.

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Here are a few close ups of the hilt, as large as I could post for the forum.



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