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Damascus Chopper


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Hello everybody, longtime reader but new poster. I just finished making this Damascus chopper the other weekend. This is my first forged knife. I have been making knives in the stock removal method for several years but really wanted to take the next step so built a propane forge and acquired some cable. I built this just to see if I could, I am not real happy with the shape of the blade but had no real plan when I went to the forge anyway, I am hoping to use this as a stepping stone to making better forged creations. Would love to create a smaller version of this as a everyday carry type of knife if thats possible. Anyway any feedback appreciated as I have a long way to go in this endeavor.

15 inches overall, 9.5 inch blade. Started with 1 1/4 cable. myknife2.jpg

Chris Williams

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Well, welcome to the forum!

For your first forged blade it DOES look very good, in my opinion. And I am sure it will chop well enough.


keep ´em coming!





Knifemaker, Germany

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looks great!

I like the look of integrals over knives with handles (less woodwork for me ;)

i'm hoping to start forge welding soon, so maybe i'll have something almost as good as that.

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Welcome!! :)


That looks great!! I love it!!


I love the simple elegance of it. just practical, simple, and beautiful. everything a knife should be in my opinion.


If I were making it I would personally maybe give it a light buffer. just to shine it up a bit and bring out the weld lines more boldly. but that's just me. It looks awesome just the way it is to be truthful.



Keep at it. I love your style! :)

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First forged knife AND first forge welding, with cable none the less. Outstanding. Personally I think that it takes real skill to make something simple like a blacksmith's knife and not have it come out looking crude. Your blade has a real "right" look to it.


Doug Lester

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Thanks everybody for the words of encouragement, I appreciate it.

Nick I completely agree about the integral, I have been slamming wood/micarta

on the handles of my knives for so long its refreshing to now have the option of

creating an integral. I had shaped the handle of this blade into an octagon before twisting it

to get the shape you see.

David I had never heard of anyone doing that but makes sense to polish the high points, I might try that.

Worst that happens is it ends up in the pvc tube with the acid again, Man I love integrals.

Thanks everybody for the positive welcome here.

Chris Williams

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Very nice, and humbling (for the rest of us newbies) first effort. *Copy - paste to hard drive for future reference*


So nice to be able to "borrow" neat ideas like this from others...


Thanks for posting

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