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After reading an article on sword forum on Ashokan 2007 I have decided to go this year as i was so gutted to read about last year and not be there .

any how it about time for another blade related pick me up (my last being Dons sword course wich has kept me buzzing till the present time ) .

To top it all Ric Furrer has Kindly invited me along for a few days at his place (only 1800 miles from ashokan?!) so I'm just working out the fine print with the missus and wey hey ,Ashokan here I come .


anybody else be there ?

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Sadly I suspect I will be missing it.


Not sadly I will be heading off to Norway!

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I sent my application to ashokan in aug. In past years they have sent out confirmation cards . I hadn't gotten a confirmation yet and my check hadn't been canncled yet either....... So I called.......They haven't cashed the checks yet and they didn't send confirmation cards this year. even though the flier says they will....... So if you sent in money don't panic!!!!!! you are in . I was told there are aroud 45 signed up and there is room for more........ If you have never been you are missing a great education experiance....... you would think that each year you go you would have less to learn cause each year you add to what you already have learned ....... I mean how much more could you learn? I have found I learn more each time I go..

And It is FUN TOO....... If you can afford the time to go.. find the money.......it is more the worth it........bring warm clothes it may be cool this weekend......


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I'll miss you guys!


Every single year, Ashokan comes in the middle of something for me, which is annoying, considering that I live 4-5 hours away at most.


I'll be hawking my wares in a tiny fjordal village in Norway though, and taking a side trip to Iceland. I leave Monday!


Make big fun at Ashokan for me!

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