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Photos from the VT Hammer-in

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Here are some photos from the VT hammer-in on Derrick Wulfs property last weekend.


Great venue, great people, great time and I learned alot.


If anyone has any other photos, please add them.










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I was there!


Derrick did a great job of organizing things and making everyone feel welcome.


Burt Foster and the other demonstrators were patient with everyone including newbees like me and incredibly gracious in sharing their techniques and knowledge. For a first-time attendee to a hammer-in, I was really impressed.


I am glad for an opportunity to make a public thank you to all who were there.


- David Watson

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Who is that stunning youth with Mace Vitale in the first image? :rolleyes:



The whole gig was a blast ,and it was great to meet so many new folks, as well as hang out with those I've met before.



Hopefully next year you'll remember that you can't assemble a tent without poles, Alex! ;)

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