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I was just marveling at the amount of forge fleas I get in my forge, (have been away for the summer, and they seem more numerous than I remember) and I wonder whether wetting charcoal before putting it on the fire would help at all. My thinking goes like this: Fleas come from gases in the hot charcoal popping and sending red hot fleas everywhere. Well, what if you wetted the charcoal and let it dry around the fire before turning it in? This would mean that when the tiny bubbles were popped (by expanding steam this time) the charcoal would not be hot yet. I'll try it tomorrow, see if it works.

Just a thought,

any of you have responding thoughts?

Merry Being,


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It worked pretty well, just let it dry in the back of the forge before raking it over the top. Also, keeping the air down really really really helps with flying hot things. My blower is salvaged from an old dryer, and it's pretty powerful, I only use about 15% of the air it supplies, I have a constant whisper of air, and it's enough to make a smokeless fire with wood on top, and heats my metal a lot fast with far less scale and I use a ton less fuel. B)

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