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I've been on these forums for some years now, mostly keeping my mouth shut.


I promised myself a few years ago to make knives.


I've studied for years,, I've read all I could lay my hands on, but at some point you need hands on experience and it was time I got it.


And now this is the fruit of my first forging session.










A utility intregral forged from 15mm rebar, quenched in brine. 2,5" cutting edge, 7,5" OAL.


I'm actualy quite surprised it actualy looks like a knife :P


Just having fun while waiting for my steel to arrive.


Critisisme is always welcome



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Looks pretty good to me.

How did the rebar harden up?

Looks like it'd make a pretty decent general use knife or a shop knife.

I've got me a little blacksmith knife I made that I need to get a small pocket sheath made for, then it'll be taking the place of my Spyderco folder, or they'll take turns as my EDC.

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Thanks for the encouragement,


The rebar did not harden to any usefull degree but the knife is still used regularly.


Thanks again.



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