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Adlai Stein

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This is what happens when I go to finish forging a seax right after watching "300" for the 4th time.

So what do you think of the greek/viking theme does it work not work or does it not look anything like that?

Should I finish it up or straighten it up into a traditionall seax.

Let me know what you think and be honest.



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Way I see it, you got two choices: Cut off the recurved grip and call it a seax, or put a recurve in the blade and call it a kopis. :lol:


Or a third alternative; call me an idiot and do what you want, it's a cool piece!

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Great movie, if it wasn't for the gratuitous sex scenes, it would be great for the kids


As far as the knife, I'd have to agree. The combination of themes just doesn't seem to work. I's go with straightening the handle with possibly just a little bit of a curve to it.


Doug Lester

Edited by Doug Lester

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It is an interesting idea, there.... I think maybe if it were mine I'd draw the very end of the tang down and maybe lightly scroll it around and I think it would flow well... Right now the handle seems to overshadow the blade a bit... In any case, it is not a bad thing as is....

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Mac, I've got to agree with ScottB. The area that seems the most dominating to me is the curve in the handle. If you were to make that about 3/8's the width of the rest of the handle, then make the end of the tang 5/8 to 3/4 the width it is now, I think it would look pretty sweet. Maybe with a little bit of flare at the very end of it. Nice looking blade though. Just get it all to work together.

Bob O


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