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A lot of firsts in one knife

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Well this is my second knife(or first, the other one did not harden) its forged from one inch thick cable, my first forgewelding, it has a 2 3/4 inch cutting edge and a 6 1/2 inches oal, edge quenched in room temperature canola oil.


I tried to etch it in vinaigre, but the harden portion of the blade came out crisp and clean with a neat lizard skin patern wile the rest came out as a jumble of grey blobs. so i cleaned it up and started again with 2 minutes dips with thourough cleaning in between it came out really subtle but rather uniform. You can just make it out in the second picture.






Any comments are welcome and advice is always apreciated.


And I know te handle is ugly. :P



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