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Questions on Cold Steel San Mei

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Noticed a lot of the classic Cold Steel pieces are getting redone in the newer San Mei. Such as the bowie's the black bear and others. From a Mettalurgical standpoint, as well as perhaps just overall quality, is this a good thing? I was a big fan of their Carbon V pieces, but a lot of the new pieces, most notably the Sisu is San Mei.


Any knowledge or thoughts on how their San Mei holds up for edge retention? I don't need stainless pieces, I need edge retention and toughness.




Any help from people who know more than me would be brilliant.

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VG-1 is a high carbon high cromium steel, it probably offers good edge retention wile being a bit more dificult to sharpen, never used one though so its just a guess.


Here's a link to a description.


Hope this helps



Michael Atkins

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