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Nitrogen seman tank for quenching


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I dont think I am going to use this. My Dad bought this 20 some years ago when we had purebread cattle and I dont think He used it. It is an MVE model AL20. it is 22 inchs high and 14 inchs accross with a 2 inch throat and has six baskets. I am asking $225 plus shipping OBO.

PM me with any questions and I will try to answer them as soon as I can.

Cheers Dallas the NuViking


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Thats a nice tank but.. Gross!

It IS empty, right? ;)



It is a cryogenic container - they put liquid nitrogen in it to freeze test tubes of "specimens" for subsequent breeding.....

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D. Scott MacKenzie, PhD

Heat Treating (Aluminum and Steel)

Quenching (Water, Polymer, Oil, Salt and Mar-Tempering)

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A followup in the soldger storage tank,,,,,I traded it to a fellow on the KNF for some damascus billets.


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