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A question about 9260

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I have made a commitment to myself to learn the caracteristics of 9260. I've only completed one knife made of it and I was really impressed with how it took a sharp edge. I know that I just may have gotten lucky with heat treating that one blade. I was just out at the forge this afternoon and seemed to get the charcoal going just right and was able to put some good heat into the blade and I seemed to notice that the billet seemed to work a lot easier at an orange to yellow heat than it did at a bright read. With not a hole lot of info on forging this steel (like zero) other than it works a lot like 5160, has anyone noticed that it seems to work a lot better at higher temp?


Doug Lester

HELP...I'm a twenty year old trapped in the body of an old man!!!

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I think that most steels work easier at higher temps.


I work my 5160 at a bright orange to an almost yellow during the "blanking stage" and for the ammount of metal being moved, it moves fairly quickly.


Then I forge in my bevels at a bright red. this is the most laborious yet fastest portion of my forging.


I adjust everything (straighten, pack the edge, line it all up) and go over it one last time at a dull red.


I dont know if it just me, but I can really get things where I want them to go at lower heats with a smaller hammer at the end of a forging session... Almost like the metal has had enough an given in to my will...


my 2 cents..


Mike Lambiase

Mike Lambiase

Burning Man Forge


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