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a day at a Renaissance faire

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just a cool pic with a patron at the northern renn faire in hollister Ca

I was helping with a clothing booth called Pendragon designs and this wonderfuly dress woman asked to have a photo taken with Me,I have to say it made a great shot



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hay Howard, they were custom made by gypsy souls, but if you find bald mountian moccans or catskill mt. moccasians you will find the exact style 7 people were trained at bald mountian and set out on thir own


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I go to the faires also.

They're a blast.

My firends and I go as a Norsemen..Ha!

Sell some stuff, have some ale.. have a blast. Ha!

Thanks for sharing.




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thanx Sam,Tony

I dont have her number , but I do have her address

and with My "big Blue Pony" ('94 izusu rodeo) I could visit her<WEG>

the whip is a real working latigo 8 strand six footer made by Peter Jack in New Zealand of course I have a dirk on Me (a old cold steel cullodon)covertly in My plade

heres a pic of us the following season,


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Very cool! You got contact info for the whip maker? I have been looking for a quality whip for the longest time.

The maker is Peter Jake ,He's in NewZealand, a fellow bowhunter and guitar player

I love his stuff and own several,he's beyond honest!! will work with you and deals with american dollors

if you contact him , tell him Mensi said hello and sent you , he knows Me by My renn faire name



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