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Geoff Keyes

Press design

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I've been given the opportunity to scavenge through an industrial scrap pile. I'm thinking about an "H" frame press in the 20-40 ton range. Those of you with an opinion (no shortage of those, here), which configuration do you like better("C", "H", some other that I haven't heard of), and why. I've got plenty of space (I'll never fill THAT up :lol: ) so foot print, within reason, is not really an issue.


I see that the designs on Don's page are all over the map. Perhaps folks build to fit what they can find?


So if you can help, please do. I'll try to get pics as we build and some kind of log/blog/journal of why we are making the choices we are making.


Thanks folks,


Merry, Merry



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G'day Geoff, have you seen this design?


sorry,dontknow how to make the link active.

i like this design because all the hydraulics are underneath and guarded, rather than at head height should something go wrong :blink: i started a similar thread myself a while back, i cant remember if it was on this forum or bladeforums.com, there are more pics of the same design on that thread. i'll see if i can find it for you.

have a good new year mate and post some pics of your progress


The thread is on this forum, but i cant seem to link to it. if you just search for posts by me (boilermaker) its in there.

Maybe this will work:





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I somehow missed that thread, though I was getting ready for my JS try, so I guess I have an excuse.


I haven't seen the "Window Frame" design before. The safety advantages seem apparent, I'm a little concerned about the stiffness of the upper die holder. It also is nice and compact vertically, not so much of a problem for me, I've got 8ft plus to work in, but nice all the same, having the dies at eye level. Perhaps you could build in a top guide to stiffen the upper die.


Thanks for the links, good stuff to throw into the design mix.



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